End of Semester Schedule and Revisions:

As we wind the semester down, I thought it would be useful to outline the end of the semester.

Remaining assignments and evaluation:

Schedule: (the following is a more detailed list of what was provided here, in the reading schedule)

Nov 16th
Week 13:


  • Game Art tutorial


  • Delta (change report) - demonstrate your progress and the progress you have made thus far

    (Optional) Reading: Letter from EA Spouse

Nov 23rd
Week 14:


  • Delta (change report) - demonstrate your progress and the changes you have made over the weekend
  • Expect to work within your groups on your game
  • Thanksgiving Break - no class wednesday

Nov 30th
Week 15:

  • Work week - Monday and Wednesday class does not meet - please email questions
  • Game building help session available Friday, December 4th 11:30-2:30 for specific problems - please schedule a slot via email

Dec 7th
Week 16:

  • Monday-in class help with minor problems - game cleanup
  • Wednesday (functional game due)
    30% of your grade hinges on this assignment - make something great
  • 5 Minute Game Presentation (1 per group)
  • 25 Minute Game Arcade - we play and vote on everyone's games. You must have a playable version of your game. As outlined in the syllabus, the best game receives an automatic A for the course. I will try to bring in guest judges.

Dec 14th
Week 17:

  • Final exam period-
  • Provide the following by Wednesday, December 16th, 2:30 PM (no exceptions) via hand delivery at 206 Hiestand (slip it under the door if necessary).
  • Completed game - start screen, end screen, compiled .exe on clearly labeled CD Rom
  • Team member/ self evaluation sheet completed by each member, for each member (e.g. 4 team members, 16 sheets per team member)