Week 9: Reading and Responsibilities


Please read my article "Educational Fantasy" for some considerations in Educational Game Design and blog on it by the end of this week. There is no blog requirement the following week.

I would suggest watching Leigh Anne Cappello's Play Futurist presentation from Meaningful Play 2008. You might also want to review the Meaningful Play conference games too. We played a few of the games from the conference.

I'd like to encoruage you to look beyond "traidional education games" toward the idea of a game as an educational tool. Ian Bogost is a good person to start with, as his Persuasive Games are really worh examining. Here's his Howard Dean for Iowa is the "first ever official U.S. Presidential Election Game" . You can learn more about the game, by visiting persuasive games.

Since it's nice to know what your instructor is doing, I'd also direct you to my Critical Gameplay project.


As a reminder, our class will not meet at its regularly scheduled time on 10/29 or 11/2. You will instead work on your designs, complete your paper prototypes, review the suggested software. We meet for a non-regularly scheduled class on Sunday, November 8th at 4-6:00 pm. To clarify:

Due on Wednesday, November 4th:

Bring to our Sunday, November 8th Session:

If you are late on Sunday, you may be locked out of the building.