I thought I'd provide you with a few reference sites for your work. These sites are simple, small scale, and commercially oriented. Each of these sites is fairly simple. They do not rely heavily on server side scripting (e.g. .Net, PhP, CGI,etc) nor do they have very complicated information schemas. In short, they are close to what you can accomplish with 5-10 pages of HTML and CSS:

Rools Royce Rolls Royce Motor Cars: HTML/CSS driven "search engine friendly" and link friendly site.
Vineyard Vines: A nice clean, HTML/CSS dominated retail site. You couldn't do the e-commerce section of the site right now, but the rest of the design is within your current reach. Simply review the first order navigation and sections.
Tennessee Ed Site: The first 2 levels of information are not database driven and function well as an HTML/CSS site with a notable design (maybe not loveable, but notable).
250 Nakato: there is a flash image gallery, otherwise, pretty cut and dry, but exciting and enticing

Sites That Can be Done in HTML/CSS but Weren't: