Eye Tracking Makeup Session

Our class will not meet for its regularly scheduled session on October 29th and November 3rd. Instead you will visit the usability lab.

Eye TRacking Lines

You will visit the the usability lab, for Thursday, October 29th (2-5pm, max of four groups, four people to a group) and Tuesday, November 3rd (1:30-5:00 pm - sorry couldn't be later) in 30 King.

For the first training day bring anything you are curious about in case Prof. Coyle asks you for something of your own. An image, a favorite web page, a web page you'd like to compare to your redesign, or other HTML resource. You can load images into the web browser for analysis too (file-open). For your sessions, it's more about practice than anything else. I want you to have the experience of using the software and making design decisions based on your findings.

For your second visit (Tuesday, 11/3) you will need to conduct an analysis individually. Ideally, it would be against the comps for your final project. It would be easiest to load your image into an HTML page and bring your pages linked in a series for quick review.

Here are some interesting articles on eye tracking, they provide an intro to what you can pursue: