Week 1 Additional Design Reading

Chapter 1: Interaction Design

Your first reading is an introduction to the concept of interaction design, in Interaction Design Chapter 1.  It is from a textbook on Interaction Design that covers the concept beyond merely discussing websites and digital interfaces.  This is an important reading because it remands us to think beyond the web.   Remember that the web design you learn in this class is a practical application of a much larger topic.  If you become comfortable with the topic of interaction design it will surely inform your design practice in whatever area you choose. 

To balance your workload, I split this chapter into three weeks’ reading. Read it at your own pace, but plan to complete it by the end of week three. The general page by page pacing is described in the syllabus.

Think about our in-class "interactive archeology" when reading. Here is an image from a Dunne and Raby work. It is an LED pillow that reacts to electromagnetic waves, but it is not interactive in the traditional sense of human - machine. Instead, it offers potential for critique on interaction, as the somethwat dark story of its use reveals. It is a kind of artifact reminder of lonelyness and loss. [more info . . . ].

Dunne and Raby pillow

Image copied from Dunne and Raby's site. We might just have to critique this site :)