Non-Linear, Multilienar, and Hype-liner*

To continue our discussion of "true non-linear: narrative you will need to consider the following:

In class, I'll also transition to the challenge of delivering educational content, when education often follows a very linear structure of matriculation. Our next topic of discussion is Games and Learning.

We will do an analog exercise to help you understand pathing a story. In the exercise, note how large events may be easier to relate than small events.

Optional additional reading:

You may be interested in the following software:


Indigo Prophecy Indigo Prophecy - PC Demo installer (trailer)
Facade Image Facade (Mac or Windows install): (here's the trailer)
Shenmu image Shenmue / ShenMue II (show in class) - feel free to review one my favorite videos that reminds us about how far video game dialogue and inquiry have yet to go
Authoring: You may use these for your final game IF you also create game art (for content in the fiction or as "promotional material")
inform 7 screen shot Inform 7: A design system for Interactive Fiction
Storytron Story World Authoring Tool (SWAT): Storytron authoring tool and resource for interactive Fiction. This product is associate with Chris Crawford and Laura J. Mixon. This tool will create Java i-fiction for you.

*Hype linear isn't a "real industry term", but I wanted to emphasize the hype around some "non-linear" experiences.

last updated October 19, 2009