Jason Rohrer - Week 6 Games


I discussed Gravitation in class. Instead of providing you with my intended list of Week 6 games, we are going to take a detour. These are many charming, directed games by an intriguing designer. This week's games will work to remind you of the power of simplicity. As many of the games you proposed in last week's mini game designs were much larger than you can clearly spec in five pages, I'd like you to review the following Rohrer games:

Jason Rohre's GRavitation Game

All games should be playable on Mac and PC. I didn't provide descriptions, because I don't want to spoil any of the experience. Just play, I think you'll enjoy them.

If you are in Brazil, you could enjoy this and other games at the SBGames art exhibition next month. That's what reminded me to show these games. Scroll to the list of artists for more interesting game artists like Rohrer.