The time will soon come to choose technologies to develop your game. While I would encourage you to do your own research and identify an appropriate technology for the game you would like to produce, I am happy to suggest technologies that are fairly easy to learn and useful for quickly building games.

For this course I would recommend the following:

Product Price PC MAC In Lab?

Platinum Arts Sandbox


Free Y Y Y



Free Trial Y (not yet) Y
FPS Creator        
  Free Trial Y N N

You may also want to consider modding a basic game if that environment is closet to what you are looking to prototype. Your best options are without too much training are:

I have a list of easy prototyping tools I provided my former students, if these options do not appeal to you.

The useful excerpt is as follows:

" At this stage, your prototype is an audition for your game concept. These can be fairly closed auditions, and they can require us to use some of our imagination to substitute characters, worlds, etc.

Awesome Game Creation: No Programming Required and Make Amazing Games In Minutes by Jason Darby explain how to use some of these game development tools. The books are better suited for people without game art experience, but a few chapter excerpts might get you going faster than web resources.

ClickTeam: GamesFactory 2

The GameCreators: FPS Creator (Windows XP), FPS Creator X10 (Vista only), The 3D Gamemaker