From our week 1 discussion, I'm providing you with a list of web resources mentioned in class. The goal in the first few weeks is to get everyone acquainted with general game studies and their relation to games. We cover game history to help you posit modern game designs and create a common language for the entire course. In case you didn't bring your "A" game to the first class, I'm providing you with a basic notes list below:.

Game Culture and News: (a news site for all things game.)

Main Stream Game Info: (the website for GameStop's print publication on all things game)


The Game Developer's Conference (GDC):

Independent Game Design and Events:

Game Companies Mentioned:

Games to think about:

Silent Hill, Brtual Legend,Braid, Super Mario Brothers, Zelda, Flower, Dance Dance Revolution, Pong, World of Goo/Tower of Goo, Portal, Rock Band, The Sims, Spore, Castle Wolfenstein & Doom, Grim Fandango, Bioshock & System Shock