In this course, as part of the team-forming activity, you will be creating a “game portfolio.” The character of this document depends on the role you’d like to play on a game design team. AS outlined earlier, there are a few basic roles to fill on any game design team in this class:

You should orient your portfolio for one of these tasks.  Please keep in mind that this portfolio is not merely about completing an assignment for a class. For those of you who want to get into the game industry it is an opportunity to start the materials you’ll need to apply for a job. For others it’s a good thing to practice both in professional resume and graduate application preparation.  To help you understand how to structure this material, please visit the following resources:
Game Career Basics:

Game Career Guide:

If you decide not to read any of these materials, you should still understand that content is king. Your portfolio should be expository.  It should show what you’ve done and demonstrate what you can do.  This is true of artists, designers, developers, managers and QA.

Portfolio Samples:

A few folks you may know:





last updated: 8/29/11