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Not sure what to do for your final project?

Here are some really interesting web designs to help you find motivation. These are HTML/CSS/Javascript solutions, in line with what you have learned in our class. You should also take a look at CSS Remix, CSS Elite, Best CSS and good old CSS Zen Garden. Here are a few sites we'll discuss in class

Portfolio Sites

*Examples of design metaphors that seem to work

Webby Awards:

The Webby awards are an international recognition of the best websites, design firms and supporters of positive web momentum. It's also a great place to get ideas for your own design. I've chosen a few sites that I think are appropriate motivation for you. Many of these reflect designs you can achieve or are examples of technical work within your skill set. Others (the Flash work) are just really interesting interaction experiences.

Non-Flash/HTML/CSS Dominated:


The bulk of these designs are Flash based:

Design Examples (Specific reason listed)


Novel Designs (no Webby Awards):