Due Dates for IMS222 Web and Interaction Design Fall 2012
last revised 8/17/2012

Reading list | Online Videos

September 14: Assignment 1 Due Pitch (example assignment): In-class presentation of site ideas. This is 5% of your grade. This presentation should be 2 minutes or less - clear and direct. Get right to the point and let us give you feedback.

September 27: Assignment 2 Comps/Image mockups (example assignment)– “PechaKucha” Style (20x20 format, 2 minutes or less). Images of your site design. This is 5% of your grade. We will review these in class to provide feedback on ways to improve the design.

October 12: Midterm project due - First complete website design. This is 25% of your grade. You must turn in a functioning website with only JPG/GIF/PNG and HTML files. Do not submit Photoshop files (PSD) or Powerpoint presentations (PPT). You will present your design in the same 20x20 format (2 minutes or less), but you must :

  1. Burn your website to a CD and turn them into the TA or instructor
  2. Compress your website to .zip file and upload it through Niihka. The compressed file cannot exceed 50mb. If the file exceeds 50mb you probably included Photoshop files.

November 9th: Assignment 3 Due (project 2 comps) - Present “Final Draft” of Website 2 – show wireframes, comps, any and research. This is 10% of your grade. Presentation cannot exceed 5 minutes.

December 4th: Final Project due (beta) – working site with very few problems (if any). This is worth 30% of your grade.

Finals week: Final version of site due at the start of final exam period. This is worth 10% of your grade.  After getting feedback from April 26th session, you may revise your website to improve your final grade.

What is Pecha Kucha Style?


Reading List:

Technical Help:
Elizabeth Castro , HTML
Design Theory Help: Yvonne Rogers and Helen Sharp, Interaction Design






Introduction: pages 13-26
Rogers and Sharp:
Interaction Design Chapter 1: 27-42


Krug: Don’t Make Me Think Chapter 2



Beckland: The end of Demographics

Chapter 2: 44-46,
Chapter 3: 55-58,  64-65


The Elements of User Experience–Chapter 2
Skim this:LI - Social Technographics

    Chapter 7: 119-124
    Chapter 8: 127-136

Berkun: Structuring Websites


Weinman: Comping and Prototpying



Rogers and Sharp:
Interaction DesignChapter 1, pp18-20

Chapter 5: 81-102 (skim)


Critique Checklist for Web Design







    Chapter 11: 169-182
    Chapter 17: 253-280



Animating with Photoshop



    Chapter 11: 169-182
    Chapter 17: 253-280





Friday Required Viewing (downloads) iPhone Friendly Download (mp4)
Week 1

Online (Video):
-Don’t Fear “Tubes”
-Kuhn Client/Server

Download:Client Server
Week 2

Interesting Interactions (web links)

Online (Videos):
-Don’t Fear “HTML
-Maeda Design Simplicity
-Kuhn Links
-Kuhn Photoshop



Week 3

Presentations and Critique others
Example student work

Online (Videos):
-Don’t Fear “Scratch”
-Don’t Fear “CSS”
-Kelley-User Centered Design

Download:Kelly User Centered Design
Week 4

Online (Videos):
-Design Like an Architect
-User Experience Video

Lab: Pitch Presentations (all students must attend)

Download:Design Like an Architect
Week 5

Online (Videos):
Pink: Pecha Kucha

Download:Pecha Kucha
Week 7

Online (Video):
The Web As Art

Download:The Web as Art
Week 12

Online (Video):
Kuhn: Javascript