Game Prototype (Midterm & Final)

Your game design assignment will be graded as follows:

Please keep in mind that  these projects should reflect at least 3-4 weeks of work from a group. As this is a 200 level class, you are not expected to be experts, but you should expect to work relatively hard to make an A project.

Board  Game | Card Game

If you choose to create a board game or card game prototype, the game must be presented as closely as possible to the finished product. As mentioned, it should also be an original design. This means the following:
Original board and pieces. You may not reuse any physical item from an existing game. This includes timers, tokens, cards, buzzers etc.  The fabrication of some items may require support from specialized individuals, if those people are not in your group please credit them when displaying your game.

Game pieces must be near finished state. Cards and boards must be digitally printed (see print center) and reproducible, for example.  It is fine to use a high quality hand process to complete game pieces (e.g. painting, wood sculpture, 3D print), but please make sure that the final product is converted to a digital medium for easy reproduction and appropriate finish.

Digital Game

Digital games should be presented as closely as possible to the finished product. A vertical slice is acceptable (and probably appropriate) for both the midterm and the final project.  To receive full credit for the assignment, the game must completely demonstrate the bulk of gameplay experience and provide at least 5 minutes of entertaining gameplay.  These 5 minutes exclude any startup screens, cinematics or non-play experiences. You may choose any game engine and any appropriate game environment.  All games must be playable in class and must be accompanied by a demonstration video that clearly indicates the gameplay experience. The demonstration video can be as short as 1 minute. 


Here are a few examples to support your understanding:

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