IMS212 The Design or Play. The following are student presentations provided for minor assignments in the course. Please reference and appropriately credit these presentations. These are 5-10 minute topic overviews where each student researches a single topic and then presents what they've found.

Topic Research:

Empathy Game Design by Lauren

Emotion and Video Games by Amanda

Augmented and Mixed Reality Gaming by Sam

Video Games as Art by Carl

Synesthetic Games and Entertainment by Mike

Social Impact Games by AJ

One Button Engaging Gameplay by Paula

Interactive Storytelling by Isaac

    1. Great emotional connection to characters
    2. Non- linear story, be able to play multiple times with multiple
      outcomes. And how well you play effects the length of the
    3. Players choose and effects outcome of story
    4. Must be presented with choices
    5. Must not take player out of game

Game Design Summaries: